Online Craps

Welcome to! Our site is completely focused on turning new gamblers into expert craps players. By reading our craps guide you can get a full education in this popular dice game, and by checking out some online casino reviews you can find the best places for playing craps online. If you came to our site looking to play craps online, check out this list of the best online craps casinos:

Playing Craps Online

New online craps players may feel overwhelmed with all of the information, online casinos, and advice out there. Fortunately, we have created this online guide to help new players figure everything out. If you are interested in playing craps online, you should sign up at an online casino that offers craps games (listed above). Or, learn about the best real money online craps casinos.

Craps Casinos

The simplest way to play craps online is to sign up and download an online casino. Rushmore Casino and Cherry Red Casino are some of the best Internet casinos, as we explained above. Another excellent option is Bodog Casino. By signing up at an online casino, you will have access to the following, plus more:

  • Casino software with craps games, as well as blackjack, roulette, slots, and video poker games
  • Realistic graphics, sounds, and animations at the craps tables
  • Real money wagering, or play money wagering if you wish
  • Support team to resolve any technical issues
  • Sign up bonuses for all new real money players

Each review will give you a feel for the casino, and will explain why you may want to play craps online there.

Why Play Craps Online?

Many visitors to our site are on the fence about playing craps online, and that is completely understandable. We feel like online craps is the best way to play the game, but it takes everyone some time to get used to the concept. Here are a few reasons why we feel like playing craps online is the best way to do it:


The best part about craps online is the convenience. I know players who play craps online from the comfort of their bed, on a laptop, in their pajamas. This is much easier than getting dressed up, driving hours to the casino, parking your car, finding a hotel room, and playing in a smoky casino. You can also play a variety of online casino games including online blackjack, slot machines and 100+ casino games all a click away!

Easy Learning Environment

If you are new to craps, you should definitely play craps online before hitting the live casino because it is much easier to learn online. Online casinos simply won’t allow you to make mistakes, and even if you need to take your time, there are no other players at the table hustling you along. Overall, it is a low pressure learning environment that will save you embarrassment at the live casino.


The other advantage to playing craps and other casino and online poker games is that it is much cheaper than playing at a live casino. If you go to a live casino to play craps, you will have to pay for gas for the trip, pay for a hotel room, tip drink girls, pay for food at the casino, pay for parking, tip the valet, tip the bell boy, etc. All these costs add up.

Craps Guide

Some of our visitors have not only never played craps online, but have never played craps at all! This is perfectly fine, as we have created a full craps guide to teach you the basics of the game. The articles below will take you from craps zero to craps hero:

  • How to Play Craps – Basic article that teaches you the rules of the game
  • Craps Bets – Learn the odds and uses of every single craps bet
  • Bankroll Management – Huge topic, especially for craps players
  • Craps Tournaments – Learn how craps tournaments work, and where to play them
  • Dice Control – Myth or reality? Players claim they can control the dice to win at craps

The articles above will give you a full education about playing craps online. Make sure to check out our craps resources page to find other great craps websites.