Craps Don’t Pass

Craps is one of the most exciting games in a casino. As complicated as the game seems, it is actually quite easy once you realize what wins and what loses on the come out roll. After that, all that matters is whether the point is rolled before a seven. While most people that play craps hate when a seven is rolled, players that play the don’t pass and don’t come in craps enjoy when a seven is rolled.

When a player plays the pass line in craps, the player is cheering for a seven or eleven on the first roll, called the come out roll. If a two, three or twelve is rolled, the pass line bet loses. If a four, five, six, eight, nine or ten is rolled, that roll becomes the point. The pass line bettor would then want the point to come before a seven with all other rolls being irrelevant. The player can then take odds on their pass line bet which are true odds, paying back 100%. The pass line bettor can also bet the come bet which is exactly the same as the pass line bet, it is just a side bet on a different roll. A player can take odds on come bets too. The big problem with betting the come bet is that if the pass line bettor bets the come too many times, a seven can make all of their bets lose on one roll.

How to Play Don’t Pass in Craps

The opposite is true for the don’t pass bettor. A don’t bettor is essentially playing on the same side as the house, against the pass line. The don’t pass line bet wins on a two or three, loses on a seven or eleven, and pushes on a twelve. If another number is rolled it becomes the point, the don’t bettor wants a seven to come before that number. Players that are bankrolled can enjoy some large hits after a seven is rolled.

After establishing a point, a don’t player can bet the don’t come. This is a side bet on the next roll, much like the come bet. The don’t come bet wins in the same way the don’t pass does, it just has a different point. Odds can be laid on the don’t come bet just as they can be laid on the don’t pass line.

Let’s assume a player bets the don’t pass. The first roll is a five. The don’t pass player can then lay the max odds on the five, then has the option to bet the don’t come. Let’s say that roll is a nine. The don’t come bet will then move to the nine. The don’t pass bet stays since a five or seven were not rolled. The don’t player now does not want a five or a nine. If one of those rolls comes, the player will lose that number but the other number will stay up to win if a seven comes. If a seven comes before either the five or the nine, the don’t player will win them both. No other rolls matter besides the five, seven and nine.

Don’t Pass or Wrong Bettor Etiquette

If you are playing the don’t live in a casino, etiquette says that you should not cheer when you win unless all other players are playing the don’t. This is because most players will frown upon a player playing from the don’t pass and don’t come lines. Don’t let them get to you though, there is no rule that says they have to bet the way they are betting. Any player can bet the don’t. In the long run, there is a slight advantage to playing the don’t pass as opposed to the pass line.