Where to Play Craps Online for Real Money?

If you’re looking to play craps online for real money, you’re at the right page. We have written an entire real money online craps guide to help you choose a casino, make a deposit, redeem a bonus, play real money craps, and make a withdrawal. Read on to learn more.

After you have chosen one of the three casinos above, simply click the blue link to visit the casino’s homepage. From here you have two options: playing real money craps through the casino’s flash program, or playing real money craps through the casino’s downloadable software.

Flash Casinos vs. Downloadable Casinos

Each of the online casinos above offer both a no-download “flash” casino (also known as an instant play casino) in addition to their normal download software. The no-download client runs directly in your Internet browser, so there is no need to download any software. (if you don’t know what an Internet browser is, it is the program you use to browse the Internet. You probably use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.)

The other way to play at real money casinos is to download their casino software. This is usually the best option, because most of the software packages offer more games, better graphics, and more features than their corresponding flash casinos.

The only time we recommend using a flash casino is if you are on a Mac computer (because so far, none of the online casinos offer downloadable Mac software), or if you are on a work computer or a friend’s computer that you don’t want to download casino software to.

Making a Real Money Deposit

Now that you have chosen an online real money casino, and decided between the casino’s flash or download software, your next step is to make a deposit. There are different deposit options available for USA and non-USA players, and since it’s a bit of a complicated subject, we have written an entire page on the topic:

Read the page above to learn about real money casino deposits, and when you’re done and understand how to deposit, you can come back here to continue reading about real money craps.

Redeeming Craps Bonuses

Each of the real money craps casinos listed on this page offer sign up bonuses to new depositors at the casino. To redeem these bonuses you simply have to sign up at the casino, enter a coupon code (if you are signing up at Cherry Red or Rushmore Casino.. the Bodog Casino bonus doesn’t require a coupon code), and make your deposit. Then, the bonus money will instantly show up in your account.

To learn more about redeeming and clearing online craps bonuses, check out the page below:

Once you fully understand online casino bonuses, come back to this page to keep reading.

Playing Real Money Craps

Ok, now that you have chosen a casino, made a deposit, and redeemed your bonus… you are finally ready to play craps online for real money! Open up the casino’s software (or instant play casino) and choose “Table Games” then “Craps”. This will open up the online casino’s craps table, which usually looks like this:

Real Money Craps Table

(Real Money Craps Table at Cherry Red Casino)

To make a real money bet, click the chips on the table that you would like to bet. As you click chips, they will stack up on the left side of the table. In the example above, you can see that $6 are stacked on the left of the table. Once you have the appropriate amount stacked up, you can click the table to make your bet.

Once you’ve placed all of your bets click “Roll” to roll the virtual dice. From there, the game plays out just like any normal craps game. If you don’t know how to play craps yet, learn How to Play Craps or practice on our Free Craps Game.

Withdrawing Money

After you have played real money online craps for a while, you may be ready to withdraw some (or all) of your online casino money. If that is the case, simply visit the cashier and request a withdrawal. All of the casinos on this list will mail you a check or wire transfer you the money.