Craps Resources

Although we consider ourselves one of the best craps websites online, we do realize that there are plenty of other good craps resources out there. This page will link to some of our favorite craps sites so you can check them out and learn more about your favorite game:

A good place to start while researching any topic is, and “craps” is no exception. Wikipedia has an extensive article that teaches readers how to play craps, every craps bet, betting systems, and the history of craps. Visit the Wikipedia craps article to start learning.

The Wizard of Odds (Michael Shackleford) is one of the leading experts in the gambling field, and runs one of the most informative gambling websites online ( Make sure to check out the Wizard of Odds craps article to learn about craps statistics and odds, or play the Wizard of Odds craps game. is another gambling website that always offers accurate information and insightful commentary on the industry. We really loved Ildado’s craps page, which discusses the rules of craps, craps bets, and the house edge for each craps bet. is a great place to start any online search, as the human-edited directory lists only the best websites on the Internet. Someday we hope to be listed on the DMOZ craps page! While looking through the DMOZ craps listings, I came across an enormous craps FAQ at – really great info there.

If you have an interest in poker, Steve Badger’s is a great spot for poker strategy. Or, make sure to visit, which is on its way to being a top 10 online poker resource. One of our favorite unique resources is, which discusses the new idea of a live dealer casino. And if you’re a new poker player, get Beginner poker strategy at

My friend Jeremy runs some great online gambling sites, including and, which you can check out to learn about other forms of gambling. Another friend of mine (John) owns a cool free casino games website as well as an online casino reviews site. I would also recommend visiting Randy Ray’s website to learn how to play card games.

My friend Kevin runs a few great, targeted casino sites including, which is a resource designed for players who want to play roulette online, and, which is for players who want to learn about keno online. Another one of his sites is, which is a site I use to research online casino deposits. He also has a March Madness predictions website which offers some great info for sports (and specifically college basketball) bettors.

Also check out Stock’s casino gambling online website for online casino reviews and casino games. Roger and Matt have a couple great sites, including their gambling sites, betting sites, casino sites, and bad beat poker site.

Steve offers a guide on craps from his craps site as part of his larger wise guy website network.